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Manufacturing and logistics are at the heart of the Indian economy’s growth. With a wealth of natural resources and cheap labour, India has long been a global manufacturing hub. As we move into the digital era, traditional manufacturing and logistics processes are giving way to tech-powered solutions such as AI-enabled route-mapping and blockchain-based supply chain management. At Star Squared PR, we give the brands behind these new-age solutions the voices they deserve.

As a leading PR and communications agency, we understand the unique messaging requirements of an industrial sector like manufacturing, and design tailored campaigns for varying audiences such as the government, potential clients and the public. Our focus is on building awareness while also educating audiences about how innovations in the manufacturing and logistics sector are improving people’s lives. We have successfully implemented PR campaigns for both traditional and new-age brands in manufacturing and logistics over the years. As one of India’s best PR agencies, our experienced approach helps them stay relevant and aids their growth.