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As one of the Top PR Firms in India, Media Relations is for us a highly specialised craft that comes from years of practice. The ultimate ability to connect the right media with the right brand message at the right time is strategic rather than happenstance.

Our Media Relations projects focus on educating the media about our clients’ businesses, vision, and products. We counsel our clients on the best ways to maximise their impact in the media, be it through news releases, advisories, press kits, information material, press conferences, one-on-one meetings, features, articles, seminars or media events.

Over the years, we have established a continuing relationship with media practitioners in print, electronic, television and radio. We are adept at navigating the intricate and ever-changing media landscape, and have vast experience in managing media situations, both in positive circumstances as well as in times of crisis. Our clients trust us to help them excel even when the odds are unfavourable – and we’re proud to deliver on that trust time and time again.


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