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Marketing Lessons from the Cricket World Cup

1 Dec 2023

How to keep PR teams motivated in a stressful environment

24 Nov 2023

Understanding the importance of Earned Media aka Public Relations

6 Nov 2023

Navigating controversies in sports: A guide to effective PR strategies

31 Oct 2023

Navigating the PR Landscape: Theory and Practice in Media

20 Oct 2023

Environmental responsibility in the auto industry: PR’s impact on sustainability messaging

26 Sep 2023

The growing need for Authenticity among brands in today’s world

20 Sep 2023

What AI tools like ChatGPT mean for PR activities

17 Aug 2023

Data Privacy Trends in India: 2023 will be a gamechanger for businesses

25 Jul 2023

Tackling corporate espionage with digital forensics

4 Jul 2023
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