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India has always loved its finery, and jewellery is an integral part of every state’s culture and traditions. Ornaments in gold and precious stones are a hallmark of the Indian wedding and treasured over the years as family heirlooms. While the Indian woman has always enjoyed the thrill of finding the perfect accessory, the 21st-century Indian woman seeks more than just ceremonial bling. We are witnessing a gradual but steady shift in preference towards sleek, multi-purpose jewellery bought for reasons other than marriage and religious occasions, and the ever-popular diamond is rapidly becoming the star of this new wave of luxury demand.

Celebrating 21st-century womanhood

The modern Indian woman is intelligent, ambitious, insightful, curious and confident. She makes choices based on what she wants and does not hesitate to take risks and try new things. For her, jewellery isn’t just for her wedding day but is a daily expression of her femininity. She may buy herself a pair of earrings for her birthday, or a striking bracelet to commemorate an accomplishment – the jewellery represents a recognition of her own worth, a celebration of her womanhood and her independence. Moreover, in her life, functions do not merely include social and religious ceremonies but also work lunches, outings with friends, dates and solo treats. Heavy pieces thus take a backseat in the modern Indian woman’s wardrobe, in favour of simple and elegant pieces that are ideal for office wear and casual outings. Statement jewellery takes the form of something sleek yet striking, that adds the right touch of glamour to her outfit and works across a range of settings from a boardroom meeting to a night out with the girls. The diamond, as the rarest of all jewels and a stone that goes with outfits of any colour, is a natural choice for a woman looking to treat herself. Sleek bracelets, subtle earrings, solitaires and exquisite pendants are all ideal settings for this timeless stone.

The contemporary wedding

With Covid-19 bringing the big fat Indian wedding to a near-complete halt, couples are opting for simpler, more intimate affairs. Traditional gold ensembles, at such weddings, are often eschewed in favour of lighter pieces like pendants or solitaires, ones that go well with light outfits and can be repeated as the bride likes. Friends and colleagues looking for the perfect wedding gift can club to buy a diamond piece that the bride can wear often and that serves as a reminder of their friendship. Moreover, as wedding ceremonies become more Westernised, with wedding cakes, outdoor parties and bridal gowns entering the fray, diamonds are the gem of choice as a contemporary yet classic expression of splendour.

The proposal

Indians are still big on arranged marriages, but that doesn’t stop young couples from wanting the glamour and romance of an engagement. Inspired by Hollywood, the classic moment when a man goes down on his knee and pulls out a ring is an experience most modern women dream of. Diamonds set in a variety of metals are the classic choice for an engagement ring, ever since the iconic 1947 campaign by DeBeers, capitalising on Hollywood’s love for diamonds, stating that ‘diamonds are forever’ and thus implying that young men who bought them for their lady loves would also enjoy an eternal bond. Diamond rings of different kinds, from engraved bands to statement solitaires to twisted designs, are fast gaining popularity among millennial buyers looking to commemorate their love story in a special way.

Forevermark for the forever woman

The modern Indian woman seeks a timeless yet contemporary reflection of her identity, and Forevermark’s range of diamonds caters perfectly to that. With over 130 years of experience mining and trading in diamonds worldwide, Forevermark puts each stone through a rigorous selection process and thus guarantees that each chosen diamond has met its exceptional standards of beauty, rarity and ethical sourcing. Less than 1% of all the diamonds in the world get the Forevermark inscription, which means that such diamonds are truly a class apart. Through collections such as Half Carat, which celebrates a woman finding her own better half within herself, or Tribute, which pays homage to each woman’s distinctive qualities through an assortment of stackable rings, Forevermark speaks to the deep intrinsic desire to feel worthy and celebrates it.

The author is a content writer from Star Squared PR, one of India’s leading PR firms.