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Star Squared PR has worked on several key communication projects with its team of journalistic and marketing experts. With 150+ clients from India and abroad, representing virtually every category, our business footprint has rapidly expanded over the years. Given below is a snapshot of our past and present accomplishments.


Virtual and augmented reality can be central to revolutionising Indian retail

People buy with their eyes. The entire shopping experience is sensory. Despite the significant increase in online shopping in India, customers still like to see what their purchases look like — on themselves, in their home, in their car.

21 Sep 2023
India Retailer.com

According to the New Relic research, organisations are using fewer observability platforms

New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform, published the 2023 Observability Forecast report, which examines the evolution of observability, and its impact on the lives of technical professionals and businesses' bottom lines.

20 Sep 2023
CIO .com

Digital Blindspot: IT outages in Indian businesses have a median cost of $63 million each year

Not keeping their IT infrastructure up-to-date is turning out to be massively expensive for Indian businesses. A recent study has found that Indian Inc has a median annual cost of about $63 million or roughly Rs 523 crore

15 Sep 2023
First Post.

Refine, Communicate, Excel: Strategies for optimising your employee value proposition

In today's competitive talent landscape, organisations recognise the significance of a powerful Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent. A well-crafted

15 Sep 2023
People Matters

Digital Transformation In Sustainability And ESG

International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) will soon publish the proposed International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Sustainability Disclosure Taxonomy, adding to the alphabet soup of ESG frameworks that already exist. Today, companies need to minimise their impact on the environment as well as record

18 Aug 2023
Outlook Planet

How Machine Learning is accelerating the commercialization of Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Robots are the executors of whatever task they are designed for, meaning they are only as powerful as the underlying algorithms used to program them. Machine learning harnesses the power of the data to enable perception and decision -making in complex situations.

16 Aug 2023
ET Auto

Tenable exposes Microsoft’s irresponsible security practices and lack of transparency

In a recent revelation, leading security firm Tenable has lodged a formal complaint against tech giant Microsoft, alleging a lack of transparency and irresponsible security practices.

4 Aug 2023
The Economics Times

Nestled Amidst Nature, Here Are 7 Monsoon Getaways To Enjoy The Rain-Soaked Bliss This Season

Close your eyes and picture this for a moment–you’re sitting with a hot toddy on the balcony of your room that overlooks the hills.

4 Aug 2023
Elle India Online
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