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Today’s consumers have a plethora of options when it comes to seeking lifestyle inspiration. Social media has made it easy for big magazines and up-and-coming brands alike to connect with audiences around the world and showcase the best of what they have. Star Squared PR, India’s leading lifestyle PR firm decodes the intricacies of this phenomenon.

This democracy of exposure, however, also makes it harder for any individual brand to stand out – which is where lifestyle PR comes in. Simply put, lifestyle PR refers to the promotion of products that enhance the way people live their lives. It covers multiple sectors, including travel, food and beverages, home decor, fitness, beauty products, pet supplies and so on. Done correctly, lifestyle PR can provide the necessary visibility for brands working in these industries and also have a positive impact on customer lifestyles.

What lifestyle PR does for consumers

Guiding consumers through the options they have

Today’s consumer is always looking for ways to live better. Be it a new line of organic clothing, or a new decor trend for the living room, or a new microbrewery in town, they frequently scroll through magazines and social media platforms for images, articles and must-see lists for ideas. This quest for the new and different is intensely personal and relatable, which is what lifestyle PR capitalises on. A media feature that talks about a new chain of cafes in town, for example, will instantly attract the interest of the coffee-loving segment and of millennials looking for a new place to meet friends in. It helps consumers narrow down their options from the hundreds of cafes out there and helps them feel ‘in with the times’.

Inspiring consumers to dream bigger

Lifestyle PR isn’t just about the lives that people actually lead, but about the lives they dream of living. An image of a five-star island resort or a champagne dinner at an exclusive club evokes the part of the reader that secretly craves star status – a feeling that is, again, deeply relatable. Lifestyle PR speaks to this deep-rooted desire to emulate the stars one looks up to. By providing glimpses of what Priyanka Chopra wore while walking or dog or which health supplements Kylie Jenner takes, media content can give people quick doses of inspiration and even lead them to impulse purchases of those same clothes and health supplements. PR of this nature helps to shape glamorous moments in otherwise ordinary lives – which again helps

What lifestyle PR does for brands

Providing creative direction

With all the thousands of lifestyle options jostling for space on media platforms, coming up with a sufficiently compelling story can be tough for a brand. A PR agency will conduct brainstorming sessions with the brand to come up with the most creative ways a story can be crafted and positioned. Moreover, if a brand is keen to get the word out within a short period of time so as to be the first ones in the market, the PR team can design an accelerated plan that maximises impact over a few weeks or months over as many media channels as possible.

Ensuring consistent coverage

In addition to designing top-notch strategies for product launch and event coverage, lifestyle PR helps to keep interest going in the brand even between events. PR agencies have strong connections with media outlets and know exactly how to weave stories that those outlets will want to cover. With the right lifestyle PR strategy, brands can find consistent mentions on media platforms, which in turn will create extra buzz for when the next launch or event rolls around.

Building consumer trust

Traditional advertising also fulfils the basic purpose of informing consumers about products. However, advertisement has come to be viewed with a cynical eye in recent years, as one only has the brand’s word for it that the ad content is truthful. Readers tend to trust earned media, which involves media outlets choosing to trust good brands and quality products rather than a brand renting ad space on television or online.

Good lifestyle PR goes far beyond merely telling people about the products out there. It enables the creation of lasting connections between brands and consumers through consistent, authentic communication. At its core, effective lifestyle PR speaks to the individual – and this personal element is what establishes a lifestyle brand as not just a seller of products but a designer of more colourful lives.