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Star Squared PR has worked on several key communication projects with its team of journalistic and marketing experts. With 150+ clients from India and abroad, representing virtually every category, our business footprint has rapidly expanded over the years. Given below is a snapshot of our past and present accomplishments.


10 things Indian businesses adopting AI solutions should know, according to Zendesk RVP

AI is revolutionising CX but blindly implementing it for all customer interactions is not advisable, says Vasudeva Rao Munnaluri.

11 Jul 2023
The Indian Express

How generative AI can help retailers achieve better personalisation

With its conversational capabilities, generative AI can help retailers understand their customers better, create personalised experiences, optimise operations while driving revenue growth

8 Jul 2023
India Retailing .com

Indian Healthcare Sector Becomes the New Hotspot for Cybercriminals: Tenable

Amid a shift in cybercriminal strategies, India's healthcare sector becomes a prime target, emphasizing the urgent need for strengthened cybersecurity measures.

5 Jul 2023
Times Now

How Generative AI is Reshaping Observability Solutions

New Relic introduced New Relic Grok, the world’s first generative AI assistant for observability. Observability solutions are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital age. As more and more companies rely on technology

5 Jul 2023
Analytics India Magazine

On World Social Media Day 2023, check out the top 5 tips to stay safe from scams

Social media has played a key role in making the world a smaller place. It is something that transcends geographical boundaries and bridges the gap between you and your loved ones,

30 Jun 2023
HT Tech

Celebrating International Asteroid Day – Shedding Light On The Importance And Impact Of Space On Earth

International Asteroid Day is an annual global event observed on June 30th, in a number of countries around the world, including India which is dedicated to spreading awareness about the potential impact of asteroids on Earth and the importance of space exploration.

30 Jun 2023
India Education Diary .com

Enhancing brand protection with AI: The rise of intelligent solutions

It takes years to build a strong brand image – and only seconds to lose it all. In today’s hyper-connected world, even a single mistake can be amplified across platforms and marketplaces, as the sheer number of digital entities out there makes it easier than ever for unscrupulous agents to get away with IP infringement, online brand abuse and product counterfeiting.

28 Jun 2023
The Times of India

Making tangible investments in farming is extremely critical for our country

Farmers' income will increase only with consolidation of farmlands, and by investing in research to develop better varieties, argues Namdhari's Group CEO

28 Jun 2023
The Hindu