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Why Visuals Are a Core Component of PR Marketing

Effective PR marketing is contingent on having a clear message to convey — the more compelling the message, the more likely it is to resonate with readers, and the greater the chances that the piece will be picked up by media outlets. Conveying this message, of course, calls for excellent copywriting skills — but did […]

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6 Tips to Optimise Your Media Interactions as a C-Suite Executive

For many C-suite executives or founding members, media interactions are a part and parcel of their duties as company spokespeople. As leaders and visionaries, they are ideally positioned to tell the story of what the company has been doing and where it is going — but how do you make sure they’re equipped to handle […]

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How To Craft A Press Announcement For A New CEO

A change in CEO is big news for your client company and something that stakeholders will definitely want to know about. And the best way to do so is by crafting a dedicated press release highlighting the change and mentioning all relevant details. Of course, not all changes in leadership happen under ideal circumstances, and […]

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The Boilerplate: What It Is, And Why It Matters In A Press Release

All press releases have one thing in common — a short paragraph at the end summarising what the company does and how readers can reach out to them. This seemingly simple add-on — known as the boilerplate — is in fact a critical component of brand building, especially with new customers and media outlets. And […]

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Need for Authenticity and lessons from the Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign

We’ve shared a lot about authenticity and its importance on this blog. It can be hard to practise authenticity, however, when it comes to our perception of ourselves. People — especially women — are conditioned to think that they must always look their best selves in public, a mindset that can often lead to low […]

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